DATE: Starts February 11th 2024 ( 5 week program)

TIME: 9:30am – 10:30am

PLACE:  Mildura Golf Resort

MyGolf is Australia’s junior golf program, providing lessons for beginners with a focus on games-based activities and fun, and supported by Golf Australia and the PGA of Australia.

  • Promoting the social and fun aspects of the sport to juniors and the wider
  • communityPromoting skills development in a competitive environment under the tutelage of highly skilled coaches

The MyGolf Junior League – while competitive by nature – has been designed around the philosophies of fun, teamwork, and participation. Ultimately, it is about making sure everyone gets a chance to experience competition golf for the first time in an environment and format where everyone can be a hero.

Fun Just like with the MyGolf program, it is imperative that any activity is fun and engaging for juniors to keep them involved and excited about golf. The MyGolf Junior League is designed for kids to have fun with friends while competing for the first time, with all aspects of the League format and Finals Fun Day designed to maximise fun and inclusion.

Teamwork Golf is primarily an individual sport, but the concept of teamwork is applicable far wider than just on the golf course. The ability to work with others, share the positives and negatives and promoting a sense of achievement and camaraderie is important to learn for children at an early stage as this is so important in later life across school, work, family and friends.

Participation Maximising participation is one of the key philosophies of MyGolf and the MyGolf Junior League. Only through participating and being involved will children develop their golf skills and life skills, and the format of the MyGolf Junior League has been created to ensure as many children can participate as possible.

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